Yesterday, as we waited for Scott to get his CT Scan, his name was called to come up to the receptionist for paperwork. I went up instead and the clerk asked, “Are you representing Mr. Moore?” I replied, “Yep. That’s me. The wife.” I said it lighthearted, and maybe that’s what made the clerk laugh, but I was suddenly struck with one of those epiphany moments.

As I went back to my seat next to Scott, hands filled with paperwork, a scripture (well, chapter) popped into my head. Ephesians 5. I love my husband. I love him enough that when he needs me I drop everything and he becomes my sole focus. I am his biggest fan, supporter, nurse and chauffeur to the doc’s, cook (try to be, ahem), and if he needs defending I can have the strength, claws, and bite of a bear, and the heart of a lion. I love my husband, and yeah, I represent him.

I also love Jesus, and that is where the epiphany comes in. As Christian believers we all represent Christ here on Earth. When people see us…how we talk and act…they should be seeing Christ. Are we kind? Are we patient? Are we merciful? Slow to anger? Forgiving? Do we display any of 1 Corinthians 13? How easy is it for you to tell people all about the highest and greatest love of your existence? Do you know His character traits? Do you know how great a love He has for you and for your neighbor who is…everyone? Can you defend the love you have for Him? You represent Jesus. He already represented you…on the cross. Make time to read His Word to you today. Rediscover His steadfast love for you.

Live for Him in such a way that it’s clear Who it is you represent.


A Seat


(photo by Sherry Moore)

My husband and I were at a large seat-yourself restaurant the other day.  The place can easily seat around 200 people.  We were eating an early lunch with errands filling up our day.  We had not been seated for long when a very elderly couple walked in and caught my attention.

The husband was on crutches and moved very slowly and the wife patiently went step by step with him.  They stopped and looked around for a table, but a few moments later the man tossed up a hand in frustration and shook his head slowly.

I looked around.  The place was not even half full.  There were plenty of tables clean and available.  So, what was the problem?  I looked back at the couple as they just stood there looking around.  I then realized the issue.  He had crutches.  The tables were close together and there was no place for them.  There were tables up against a half wall in one section, but if he placed the crutches there then other people would not be able to move the next table’s chair to sit down…or leave if they did get seated.  This was quickly pointed out to the waiter who offered a half wall table to the couple.  Finally, the man shrugged his shoulders and with help from the waiter he was seated and the crutches placed upright against the wall.  I could tell the couple was uncomfortable and I thought about how nice it would be for restaurants to have designated spots to place walkers, wheelchairs, canes…and crutches.

Now, you may not think this is a big deal, but I also thought about how when it comes to trying to find a place to belong we are all very like this couple.  We purposefully seek out people and places where we are accepted as we are and where we feel a real sense of belonging.

We go to churches, meet-ups, clubs, gyms, rallies, etc…just always seeking the right place and people to be accepted and, well, loved.  To feel needed.  To feel wanted.  Sometimes when you express what you are searching for to others you get the same advice.  “Really?  Why, there are lots of places to “plug in”!  There is this place over there…and that place over here.  How can you not find anything?”   And you sigh and kind of wish you hadn’t said anything.  You are like that couple in the restaurant.  Lots of seats.  No where for you, though.  No where for the needs and wants for you specifically.  At this point you do one of two things.  You give up or you keep searching.

Giving up is easiest.  I can tell you though that in the end it’s the most depressing thing you will do.  It is the least beneficial to your whole being.  So, don’t do that.  Just don’t.

Keep looking.  Keep visiting places and people.  It may take a while, but out of the billions of people in this world there is a place for you out there.  I guarantee it.

I want to ask you to try one thing.  Just one little challenging thing.

Pray for God to put people right in your path to connect with and have fun with or hang out.  Just ask Him for one friend.  Just one.  To start.

Okay, I do have one other thing to challenge you. One more and that’s all.  Ready?

Love people.  It doesn’t matter who it is…even the jerk that cuts you off while driving or cuts in line at the coffee shop or whatever turns your day a little sour.  Love them.  Smile, forgive, be nice.  Be nice.  Go out of your way to show them the courtesy they wouldn’t show to you.  Give a generous tip the waiter/waitress that was snarky.  Just do good and love.  God takes note of that stuff, you know.  You’ll have a better day, too.  That day will turn into a better week and so on.  Your whole being will be stronger, too…like bodybuilding.  Only it’s spirit building.  And it takes practice.  Every single day.

If you mess up, it’s fine.  Like eating that office donut after you’ve been trying your best to eat right.  It’s okay.  Donuts are delicious.  Eat the dang donut and get back to it!

Just don’t settle for what’s seems to be the only available table.  Go find another place to have a look around.  Don’t. Give. Up.

A Heron’s Patience



(photo by Sherry Moore)

We have a really large pond in our backyard.  One of the great things about it are the occasional visits by a Great Blue Heron.  He is a lesson in patience when it comes to getting a meal and I have seen both triumph and fail.  Today, his patience was tested.

Blue, as I call him, had been at the pond for most the morning.  Wading slowly, looking for fish, standing still for a time, taking aim, and then an incredible thrust forward of his head into the water.  All morning he came up empty.  The fish were especially good at escaping him today.  He would just move along to another area of the pond and continue his quest.

As I watched him at one point he was standing very still with his  face aimed down ready to strike.  He stood there like that for at least a minute or more.  I held my breath hoping this was it.  Suddenly, a dive bombing Kingfisher crashed into the water in front of him and emerged with a fish.  His fish.  The one he had been working for all…day…long.

The Great Heron shook head from the excess water splashed on him.  The Kingfisher perched on the branches just above Blue and scarfed down his meal.  I honestly thought that out of disgust and frustration he would fly on to some other large body of water.  However, he shook his head one more time and continued his hunt.  He didn’t give up and a few minutes later he caught a small fish.  I nearly jumped out of my seat to cheer for him.  ha ha

Has it ever happened to you?  Hunting for something, waiting for something to finally happen, standing in line patiently for a long time for a particular item, a refund, an answer to a question, a parking spot….and just when you are about to obtain your goal someone swoops in takes your spot, your item, your turn in line, your turn to speak with your customer service rep, your DMV clerk, your pastor, etc.

Sometimes the opportunity you waited so patiently for, worked so hard for, believed so much for is lost completely.

You want scream.  You want to say something snarky.  You want to take that person by the collar and smack them.  However, you don’t.  At least, I hope you don’t.

Know this: It doesn’t mean there will never be another opportunity for you…it just may be a different pond altogether.  A different kind of fish you need to pursue.  It will take a little longer, and sometimes a lot longer, but the important thing is to not give up.

This world is full of Kingfishers ready to steal your opportunities…hang in there, I tell you.  Be diligent and persevere because eventually you will get your fish.

Count it all joy, my brothers,when you meet trials of various kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness.  And let steadfastness have its full effect, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.”  James 1:2-4 (ESV)


Being Ill and having the money to pay for it.


While at the pharmacy – sick, and swaying dizzily in line – the elderly man in front of me was picking up his prescriptions and apparently one was not covered by medicare(aid?). It was a Cymbicort Inhaler.  The cost was $199.  He stood silent for a moment and then gave a frustrated wave of his hand in the air, saying, “No!” My heart dropped for him and I wish I could have paid it for him.

A few moments later a car in the drive through was told their prescription for Tamiflu was going to be $132…to which the person replied they couldn’t pay that.

I know this problem of obtaining the care of doctors and the medicines to work with has always been with the human race.  No matter what anyone tells you, no matter who currently sits in the highest seats in the land, no matter what country, no matter what changes take place to overhaul, fix, band aid, or any other descriptive term there is to adhere to the problem…it has always been with us.

What’s the solution to this centuries old dilemma?  A good place to start would be to stop pointing fingers and accusing of who’s to blame.   Take a breath and then look in the mirror.  There it is.  Your own vehicle to begin to find an answer.  You.  You need to start learning some things.  You need to start getting some information on how to get pharmacies to help those who can’t pay their prices.

There needs to be classes in schools to teach people how to find, know, invent other ways to deal with illnesses without resorting to crawling to the pharmacy giants as our only source of help.

Find out if there is a charitable clinic in your community.  If there is then support it!  If not, then put a call out to anyone who would want to join with you to get one going.  Send out letters to the medical community, the community government body, hospital boards, clubs, and organizations of all kinds.  Find a way.  Be the way!

These are just some things that can be a start.  It won’t eradicate the problem altogether, but it’s can be a huge step forward.

One last thing I want to say to the Pharmacy giants:

When you make a product that could decide life or death, quality of life issues, and especially when it affects children/elderly who can’t make decisions for themselves or can no longer work to make the money needed to pay for it…please, have a moral compass.

I don’t care you want to be rich off other people’s misery.  It’s capitalism after all…your investments – your rules.   I am just asking that you might allow your pursuit of building and maintaining an industry empire be tempered with mercy and compassion.


**If you need help AstraZenaca offers a link to get assistance to pay for your prescriptions.  Here’s the link to that site:



(photo by Scott Moore at the National Christmas Center, Lancaster, PA)

While leaving the grocery store today I was passed by two officers leading away a handcuffed elderly man dressed in really old clothes that were too big for him. Shoplifting. It broke my heart. I don’t know what he was trying to steal…food? Wine? Christmas goods? Whatever the reason I wish I could have seen. If it was food or even the Christmas items I would have tried to offer to get those things for him. I am not bragging, but trying to make a point. We need to be aware and try to help our neighbors. Even if it’s too late to help as in this man’s case you can still pray for those out of your reach. They may be out of yours, but never out of the Almighty God’s.

There Is A Need…Right Where You Live


An older woman lives with her elderly parents because circumstances have left her destitute. A single mother does not have a working stove and can barely make bills. Another woman in her sixties unable to find work takes a leap of faith and pays to take a certification class in hopes it will make her more employable…and while the class is filled with people in their 20’s she says, “This is my last chance.”
These and many more are asked constantly to give to “worthy causes” or to give because “others have it worse than you”…and the guilt motivating tone is inserted to emphasize the need.
These people ARE the worthy causes. THEY are the ones who have it worse. Communities are not taking care of their own.
Either take care of the people in your community you claim to be helping or don’t ask me for another dime.
And one more thing.
American Cancer Society: you have these expensive commercials saying you give cancer patients free rides to their treatments?  Yet, my mother-in-law needs that service you claim to offer, but was denied because she lives less than 500 feet across the county line??  You won’t get another dime from me, either.
Don’t you dare tell someone “God bless you” or “Well, good luck” and then walk away having done NOTHING to help them in their time of need. You need a scripture for that?
Here ya go:
“What good is it, my brothers, if someone says he has faith but does not have works? Can that faith save him? If a brother or sister is poorly clothed and lacking in daily food, and one of you says to them, “Go in peace, be warmed and filled,” without giving them the things needed for the body, what good is that? So also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead.” James 2:14-17
Actually, just read all of James 2…a lot of us need it to revisit that chapter.